London Fashion Week AW 15

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The plethora of shows taking place at London Fashion Week can be perpendicular to the senses, here's a few of the collections I opted to share. I've yet to have a peek at the druthers of Milan, Paris Fashion week, until I'm more wired. 



+ Greys & Black

+ My Favourite piece Trench Coat

Desfase is the A/W 2015 ready to wear collection that combines street-luxurious casualwear with soft tailoring, aiming to appeal to sophisticated and effortlessly chic women.

The concept behind the collection was inspired by the performance Fase: four movements on the music of Steve Reich, by choreographer and dancer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

The performance is well known for its cool, minimal abstraction and precision.
The aesthetics of the collection combine attention to detail and the use of innovative surfaces, methods and premium modern materials such as foam and silicone, adding a sense of newness to the range.

+ Translucent frosted elements

It's safe to say, this collection is hitting my sweet silicone spot! The neoteric impulsion by Colombian Diani Diaz, of combining and experimenting with modern materials such as foam and rubber in an stimulating aesthetic mien is creative and meritorious. Diani Diaz collaborated with designer Chiara Pavan for the eyewear, which aptly complements the collection.     

+ Molded Foam Structured Neck 

LE KILT AW15 - She Said Boom

+ Chiara Pavan Eyewear

The collection inspired by the post-punk fanzine created by 80’s band Fifth Column, as well as a extension of the Scottish designer/creative director, Samantha McCoach’s own subcultural uniform.




Enchanted Woodland - Bambi printed bombers, Bunnies, Beanies, Carrots, Ribbed necks. Jacquard Dresses, Linda Farrow Daisy Sunglasses and Glittery Trainers




CLaire Barrow AW15 - High Flyers




would wear this coat in autumn and winter

Big on Illustration on scarves, jumpers and coats


The Claire Barrow brand is renowned for its unique illustrated aesthetic.
Inspired by French-American artist and sculptor Louise Bourgeois. Floral & Hair Appliques, Dusty Cream Organza Dresses, Tapestry Capes Damask Aristocrat.

When I usually see the name 'Simone Rocha' It conjure up images of perspex heels, when I first set my eyes on them. I immediately went out and bought a pair that I could afford,  My favorite from the collection was the see through sheer organza dresses with cloudy petal appliques, and some funky hair attachment pieces here or there. 


The camouflage tiger print coat was where my focal point went to , I do have a weakness for a camo print.  

mary katrantzou aw 15 - kenophobia

Duffel Coats with ornate damask baroque with a modicum of 3D Triangle spikes.

Relished the garments which had characteristic 3D triangular spikes and skirt objects and I thought the Styrofoam-like runway made for a quirky fun presentation, which complimented the collection. A tasty amalgamation of old baroque with futuristic Geometric 3D. 


Metallic Green, Purple and Pink
Brocade Party Frocks


Anya drew inspiration from the lights, reflective surfaces and graphic signage that you find on the motorway. Using intricate techniques such as leather marquetry and thermal bonding, we’ve explored these graphics in a luxurious and subtly humorous way on totes and evening clutches

Would wear these outerwear in a heartbeat, even with the iconic responsible trash man.  The keep your distance coat could come in handy if you are having a cruddy abominable day. 


The futuristic digital prints are inspired by exploding crystals and metallic components of robots. The Twin Unisus symbol has evolved in a different Metamorphoses. The silhouettes are sophisticated, sometimes deconstructed and asymmetric but still timeless. The collection has an air of ethereal femininity, encapsulating the mysterious creatures of the Cult of the Twin

Unicorns everywhere

I like the frayed element on the hand gloves

I like the frayed element on the hand gloves

Unisus - The collection is an insight in to the fragile borders and conflicts between; innocence and sin, religion and paganism, faith and denial, beliefs and fantasies of half human, half extra-terrestrial creatures. Inspiration was taken from science fiction, wild London rave parties of early 90’s (klubkid grunge platform and backpack reinterpretations, hairstyle etc.) and the dark, gothic atmosphere of Transylvania.




Ashley Williams collection it's all about the girls. Packed full of hellion rebel slogans 'Last Chance to Escape Planet Earth" and "Plastic Surgery" and 'Improve your image be seen with me' patched onto the garments. Rebellious gang of girls kitted up in 90's kitsch grunge with bright yellows and bubblegum pinks, with on trend cutout knee-holes.   

Anything you see to add to your wardrobe lust list ? 

Good Matcha Morning

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Have a cuppa tea - my ultimate comfort drink! I don't drink caffeine so my go-to in the morning, noon & night is some herbal tea and mostly, Matcha green tea, as it doesn't provide any caffeine jitters. I try to enjoy it sip by sip rather than gulp by gulp, but like a plonker I have a habit of letting it go cold!

The first cup always moistens my lips and throat and doesn't hurt the Matcha green tea above is from Kiss me organics via AmazonI do prefer this powder form rather than the tea bags I used to have eons ago, coutesy of brandbacker. 

I saw some green tea waffle's and I got to bake me some! - First I'm going to drink it in it's purest form freshly brewed with water.     


My first post this 2015, and gracious sakes it's been loooong overdue, I hope to post more on a regular basis and here's hoping for a more health-giving 2015. 

I missed the blogosphere, my last post was in August 2014, and I hope I don't miss the boat on the next post and become a cast away once more, adrift in a timeless perennial daydream.  

Baking, Lattes & Smoothies
ancient ritual steeped in pure symbolism: drink in the stillness

Rumor Has It

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Structured Chiffon Box T Shirt Matalan Black Skort Zara Military Summer Hat Asos old Rumor Leather Tote Bag Acne Studios 

I promise you that I am not snooping in that first image! although the title of this post could suggest otherwise! I named it after the tote bag which has been my trusty companion this summer, I usually wear alot of cross body bags, hands are freed up, however a tote bag is a welcome change.

I frequently don many hats during the summer, but it's always a pain to find a suitable fitted hat since I have a small head. I have tried kid sizes but my size is stuck somewhere between a child's and an adults, which probably suits me down to the ground since my mental age is somewhere between there too! 

Announcing the Re-Launch of The Guilty Hyena

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Its here!

My new blog design has been finally launched! Excited to share with you a new improved 'The Guilty Hyena' it has been a long wait! I have missed blogging, but once I get a pang for change, I'm usually lead astray by my fertile harebrained impulses. 

What prompted the change ?

The platform Blogger had been good to me for many years but I felt I wanted to explore a new space where I could experiment and form new layouts and designs, something that could help reflect my ideas in a better mien. 

Welcome Old and New Readers

I havent forgotten you, even though it seems like yonks ago.

What can you expect ?

Shitloads! I'm kidding, regular postings will be a good start! 

Summer 2014 

I hope Summer 14 has been treating you well ? I was spending alot of my free time watching the World Cup and Wimbledon, a few BBQ's here and there and a few investment buys for the Summer, such as a new sewing machine, suitable for the novice that I am, I hope I put it to some good use and it doesn't just sit there gathering dust. znu3c8j2scd

Jump + Frolic from Paper

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Funky 2Dcartoon-like designer bags by JumpFromPaper created by Taipei based design duo Chay Su and Rika Lin ( even the cute duck wants in on the cartoon action! )

I've always wanted to be a cartoon comic book like character, and I came that one bit closer thanks to the Giggle Bag sent courtesy of Jump From Paper. Although I didn't need much encouragement to embrace my inner child and goofiness, life is too short to be always serious! I had a hoopla of fun shooting some photo's with the giggle bag, which is an apt name for this funky handbag!

Born from their childhood love of cartoons and comics, this designer duo created Jump From Paper with the aim making everyone’s childhoods dream come true – and confusing people. We love to confuse people, but more so, we love to see them burst out into laughter once they realize these are real bags,” say the designers. So what exactly are these bags? They’re amazingly graphic creations that look like they've been photo-shopped into real life, straight from the pages of a comic book or cartoon. It’s true, they really look like they've jumped from paper.

I've recently took the plunge to join Instagram so feel free to follow! Some more NEWS, I have been spending some of my free time creating a new blog redesign and I will be moving away from Blogger to a new platform to expand this blog, eeeek! I will miss Blogger it has been good to me, the blog address will stay the same, so hopefully I should have my new blogging home ready sometime in early May! See you there soon! :) Enjoy your Easter break!

Hypotheticalim Dilemma

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I have a fetish for white hues, particularly since we have hit the spring summer season. This Optic White Mini Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel would hit the bulls-eye! I do my utmost best to limit big designer handbag purchases, I do prefer to scout for new under the radar smaller branded bags, but like many I'm also compelled and seduced by prominent designers, like the above. 

Phillip Lim has also chosen a floral print on a black background design, for those who prefer this over the classic hues and textures, the black background it's just neutral enough that you can get away with wearing it with everything. I'm also still crushing over this Phillip Lim transformable vest. Post in collaboration with Avenue 32.

The hypothetical dilemma, acquire the beautiful bag ? or save it for a holiday?

Seoul Fashion Week FW 2014/15

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I find Seoul to be one of the most enticing cities in the world for it's art and culture and there’s a fresh wave coming in from Korea. I do wish Korean Fashion would amplify its online markets or direct purchasing, to make it more accessible.

Kaal E. Suktae

This collection is canon! I want the HAT and every single piece from head to toe, including the chunky platform ankle boots!

Kim Chul Ung Mode

Kooky fur head-wear perfect for winter


Cuban-link embossing across knits and accessories


Neoprene minimal avant garde

Big Park

Looks inspired by a family dinner table.


The Marie Antoinette-inspired collection, with oodles of embellishments and quilted prints.

Cres.E DIM

Sporty Sci-fi. Materials such as wool, neoprene and leather


Digital Prints

Johnny hates Jazz

Some tasty outerwear + croc leather elements


Inspired by Zaha Hadid's Design Plaza building

Second Run

Photo's Courtesy of The Mitty Niki Bruce +

Milan Fashion Week FW 2014

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Too much is usually never enough in Milan, the heart of the maximalist. Milan Fashion Week held strong to it's tailoring and luxury and had a whole lot more to offer this season, making strides in supporting and platforming young designer talent.


Swinging 60's mod Gucci with pastel hues and was more minimal than I would have expected, its the first time I've ever looked at a Gucci collection with a desire to wear most of it.

Frankie Morello

The Virgin Suicides reinterpreted by Frankie Morello, rebellious fun youthful pastel blue and pink illustrative prints and layering was everywhere, this speaks to my playful side.

I was inspired by the pictures taken from the satellite to the Earth : I had never paid attention to the details and I had never analyzed from so close, says Manuel Facchini

Woodstock was the primary character of the prints, Snoopy's bird friend. I like the skirts.

Fausto Puglisi

The Fendi bag bug has taken over where our teenage keychains left off.

Just Cavalli

Signature panther.

Emporio Armani

Power suiting and androgynous, inspired by Luc Besson’s Nikita. I'm a hat person, so I dig the over size bowler hats, even though they will swallow my head up.


Difficult to ignore this collection, draws a comparison between fast food and fast fashion. 


Some tasty outerwear

Au Jour Le Jour

Milan’s efforts to spotlight emerging talent.


One of my fave collections, the leather buckle fasteners + metallic and neoprene sweaters, very wearable.

Gabriele Colangelo

Inspired by the watercolors of the German artist Joachim Bandau, white and black background to explore the universe of gray.


Oodles of crystal embellishments and accessories

Anything you see to add to your wardrobe lust list ? I'm certainly not adding a drone to mine!

Photos Courtesy of Sony Vandevelde + NowFashion

Storage Space

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There's NEVER enough storage space, particularly with the amount of square footage we get here in the U.K. So storage is usually visible to our eyes and I've been meaning to get a new laundry bag and have a little spruce up in Spring. H&M always has some nifty home-ware at good prices, after all H&M, is now the second BIGGEST fashion retailer in the world.

My Aussie cousin will be thrilled to hear the news, that the Swedish giant’s are making their first foray Down Under. The Australian fashion retail scene is getting mixed up this year with recent pioneers such as GAP, Zara and Topshop setting up shops in Sydney and Melbourne. The latter has also recently set up a flagship in New York, following the opening of the H&M in Times Square. 

Perhaps MORE interesting than this though –  is these well-known Western high street brands entering into the formerly closed off markets of India and China. H&M has announced it will be opening its first shop in India this year. This blog has previously displayed an enthusiasm for Asian Street Style, finding that when things get banal on the cat walks of Europe and the States, a little Eastern flavor heats up the scene.

It's great to hear such brands are becoming more accessible worldwide, but in a selfish manner I feel every country will begin to have identical mass products, which would propel me to explore more independent stores, where you would feel you are retaining some individual characteristics, whether it maybe through style of clothes, art or home-ware. I have to admit though, I wasn't complaining when Forever 21 ventured into the U.K!

If keen to catch the best of H&M and Topshop as they continue to strut across the globe, you can visit http:/ to check out the latest discounts and deals on offer.

Sochi Games Snow Web Surfing

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I'm hiding behind my Nexus tablet with a sheepish snarl. In the spirit of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, I decided to hit the snow slopes, MY VERY FIRST TIME. I'm woeful at ice skating, I'm usually holding on to the side-rails for dear life, but I was completely hooked watching the half pipe snowboarding at the Sochi Games.

I was compelled to give snowboarding a try. I wasn't expecting any miracles but instead of the half-pipe life, it quickly turned into a hard knock life! my balance and posture was all over the place! It didn't take long for me to swiftly take off the snowboard and do what I do best. . . Surf the Web ! instead of Surf the Snow. I'm a avid spectator of most sports so catching up with live sports scores are a must! Liverpool FC were having another entertaining match at Anfield. I made it home just back in time to watch the fireworks of the Olympic Games closing ceremony.  

WorkBlog or PLAY, I pretty much never go without my portable office, consisting of

+ Nexus Tablet  ( Google Maps, Email, Websurf, Twitter, Phonecalls, Camera and Music etc apps )

+ Headphones 

+ Roku Player ( Streams pretty much anything on the big screen for entertainment purposes )

+ Laptop ( Photoshop , Illustrator and Blogging ) 

I'm known to take the tablet with me everywhere, even whilst I'm having a soak in the bath, I think there is a term for my condition, it is called (IAD) Internet addiction disorder, it makes commuting on trains and buses a less of a chore. I try avoid lugging my laptop around, but it's a must for my use of Photoshop and Illustrator. 

London Fashion Week AW 14 : Day 1-3

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Despite the wind and rain London looked particularly enchanting last week. Not only has it been London Fashion Week but also the BAFTAs and the Brit awards, meaning that there were a host of distinguished faces and stylish power dressing in town. My favorite actor Christian Bale was in town, who usually prefers to keep away from the limelight off the big screen. Fashion Week saw some of the most well known and respected British heritage brands take to the runway. 

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood’s models were wearing the signature tartan, coupled with short and wide top hats, cultivating in the past some of the more outlandish designs, this time the clothes projected privilege and adventure – an English Anna Karenina if you will – and a sprinkling of heritage alongside the urban punk of Westwood Red. Glamorous heavy fur coats, ladylike pencil suits and headscarves.. mixed within these pieces there were some wearable outfits, with court shoes and pearls that have had me eyeing those from ever since. 

At the end of the show, Dame Vivienne graced the catwalk and took a bow – arm in arm with her granddaughter Cora Corre.


Going in a completely different direction were the London label Preen who summed up their current look as ‘Hot sci-fi geek.’ Having taken inspiration from 1970s pop culture, Storm Troopers could be found about the Preen dressing rooms and Darth Vader was printed across some of the models' chests. It's worth noting that Star Wars was the first film Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi ever saw at the cinema.


A celebration of 120 years of Daks with a traditional British set up, which included Bear Skin, beefeater like hats!

I particularly liked the shoes with the pony hair element

Christopher Raeburn

With military fabric, there is a great abundance of things that never get used. For me, the excitement and the enjoyment come from reusing an original item and making something wearable. That’s what drives me. Christopher Raeburn
Holly Fulton + Markus Lupfer Jumpers

I like a good quirky sweatshirt jumper! With art deco motifs and Lupfer cafe.

Richard Nicoll

A cobalt blue bow-detail dress and knitted cape.

Fyodar + Nasir Mazhar

Mary Katrantzou

Ridonkulously oodles of craftsmanship went into this.

Charlie May

Crisp an clean wearable pieces, taking inspiration from the textured wilderness of Dartmoor in Devon, the windswept environment is reflected in the use of pony-skin and Mongolian furs.

Photo's courtesy of Fashionsing + Sonny Vandevelde Photos + Showstudio

Natures warm narration

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Waiting for Spring

As winter drags its leaden feet stubbornly into February, it is common to find ourselves increasingly wrapped up indoors. The festive frostiness of December is not welcome past Christmas and the New Year has already lost its bright-as-a-penny shine after the wettest January in living memory. In our bedrooms we huddle, nursing dripping noses and cursing midmorning darkness, gazing out at the torrential weather that Britain has stoically suffered for the last six weeks.

So there we are, surrounded by tissues and empty boxes of chocolate - those that we had denied ourselves after the advent binge. Finally there comes a point (around the time of the last Ferrero Rocher) when we cry ‘Enough is Enough! If the weather hasn’t chirped up by March, action must be taken!’ If Spring won’t rise on its own, we must bring it upon ourselves.

Bedknobs and Brooms

After a prolonged chill, one resents putting on winter coats and boots for another month running. Defiantly altering our clothes is one way to avoid the Winter Blues. This wish list has a particularly strong essence of bleating lambs and daffodils, not at all suitable for the wind and rain outside, and so perfect for bringing on February's thaw. The floral dress sings of summer and is reminiscent of afternoons licking ice-cream in the park or – for the more romantic amongst you – Elizabeth Bennet running through glade and meadow scooping up snowdrops and crocuses.

Talking of which, bringing in brooms soon to bloom into their yellow splendor, is a sure-fire way to brighten up the bedroom. Colourful curtains and plenty of lamps also help, as does – if you too have a penchant for Pemberley,decadent decoration and elegant bedspreads. Gazing at the plush Sylvania Bed offered by you may well experience a flurry of the heart at the ornate frame and ‘French Roast’ finish (something I have not heard of before, but have quickly converted to for the Winter Offensive.)

Whether on bed spread, curtain or dress, waving petals and weaving green shoots are sure to bring on Winter’s Swan Song: banishing the black skies of Blighty for cotton wool clouds, floating lonely, and heralding the news that Spring has finally sprung.

Tasty Things No.9 : V Day

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Row 1 :

a scary valentines day app by Re:Beat Rebtel send your digital heartbeat to someone dear

a holiday better than valentine's day international random acts of kindness week is February 10-16, 2014. at Rak Week

Row 2 :

unifies the needs of both the romantics and the cynics worlds first florist selling roses as black as a krakens rum ink by Miss Cakehead the pop-up florist open for one day only - the 14th February, Kingley Court, just off Carnaby Street.

valentines day cards that awkwardly say I love you by Emily Mcdowell 

Thursday Playlist : January Across

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Things got off to a slow start this month, it seemed the music cosmos was recovering from its holiday hangover, that or my curating efforts have been poor, anyhow it's that time again for me to share some fresh batch of tracks for the month.   


01  Raleigh Ritchie  – Stronger then Ever 

02  Mike Posner  – My Light

03  Joel Compass  – Run

04  Jakwob ft Tiffany Juno – Somebody New

05  Shivum Sharma – Flicker

06  O Lyfe ft K Camp – She Bad

07  Esco Williams – Breaking Bones

08  Luke Christopher – Broken People

09  LOLO – Gangsters

10  Mendoza  – Love Druggie

11  Diplo ft Faustix & Imanos & Kai – Revolution

12  B.O.B ft Priscilla – John Doe

13  Meg Myers – Desire

14  Clinton Sparks ft Riff Raff – Stay With You Tonight

15  Youth Lagoon – Worms

16  FAUL & Wad Ad vs Pnau – Changes

17  Snakadaktal – The Sun II


Photo Ready Denim : J Brand Jeans

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If money was no object I would invest in a few pairs of J brand jeans, I currently own only one pair of J brand jeans and I'm tempted to live in them, but I must save them for when I want a photo ready denim moment.

Jeans make you feel great. It’s one of the most fit-sensitive items in a women’s closet—next to bras and bathing suits, When something so fit-sensitive makes you look good, you feel good. J Brand CEO Jeff Rudes

What are your favorite brand of jeans to get that power-fit ?

- Post in collaboration with Avenue 32 -

Golden Chain Ankle Boots

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Roll on 2014 ~ How's January treating you so far ? Truth be told - I have been becoming a little domesticated lately, instead of taking advantage of the January sales, scouring for clothes, shoes and accessories, I've had to focus on home improvements. They say a Clean Home = Clear Mind.

I've been craving chain ankle boots since I clapped eyes on these Givenchy boots, there was an ice cubes chance in hell I would be buying those, so I've patiently waited for an inspired look from the high street. I came across the 'Kurt Geiger strike chain booties' but in the end I opted for the Chicwish ankle boots with chunky golden chain tying on front.

Ankle Boots with Golden Chain Decor