Milan Fashion Week FW 2014

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Too much is usually never enough in Milan, the heart of the maximalist. Milan Fashion Week held strong to it's tailoring and luxury and had a whole lot more to offer this season, making strides in supporting and platforming young designer talent.


Swinging 60's mod Gucci with pastel hues and was more minimal than I would have expected, its the first time I've ever looked at a Gucci collection with a desire to wear most of it.

Frankie Morello

The Virgin Suicides reinterpreted by Frankie Morello, rebellious fun youthful pastel blue and pink illustrative prints and layering was everywhere, this speaks to my playful side.

I was inspired by the pictures taken from the satellite to the Earth : I had never paid attention to the details and I had never analyzed from so close, says Manuel Facchini

Woodstock was the primary character of the prints, Snoopy's bird friend. I like the skirts.

Fausto Puglisi

The Fendi bag bug has taken over where our teenage keychains left off.

Just Cavalli

Signature panther.

Emporio Armani

Power suiting and androgynous, inspired by Luc Besson’s Nikita. I'm a hat person, so I dig the over size bowler hats, even though they will swallow my head up.


Difficult to ignore this collection, draws a comparison between fast food and fast fashion. 


Some tasty outerwear

Au Jour Le Jour

Milan’s efforts to spotlight emerging talent.


One of my fave collections, the leather buckle fasteners + metallic and neoprene sweaters, very wearable.

Gabriele Colangelo

Inspired by the watercolors of the German artist Joachim Bandau, white and black background to explore the universe of gray.


Oodles of crystal embellishments and accessories

Anything you see to add to your wardrobe lust list ? I'm certainly not adding a drone to mine!

Photos Courtesy of Sony Vandevelde + NowFashion