Natures warm narration

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Waiting for Spring

As winter drags its leaden feet stubbornly into February, it is common to find ourselves increasingly wrapped up indoors. The festive frostiness of December is not welcome past Christmas and the New Year has already lost its bright-as-a-penny shine after the wettest January in living memory. In our bedrooms we huddle, nursing dripping noses and cursing midmorning darkness, gazing out at the torrential weather that Britain has stoically suffered for the last six weeks.

So there we are, surrounded by tissues and empty boxes of chocolate - those that we had denied ourselves after the advent binge. Finally there comes a point (around the time of the last Ferrero Rocher) when we cry ‘Enough is Enough! If the weather hasn’t chirped up by March, action must be taken!’ If Spring won’t rise on its own, we must bring it upon ourselves.