Rustic Autumn Yard

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Autumnal Art

Along with the fast approaching autumn comes a wealth of vibrant colours and textures for the eager interior designer. Deep reds and burnt oranges have long been a staple of the creative pallet but there are plenty of other innovative ways to bring those rich tones, earthy smells and crackling textures into the home. 

DIY enthusiasts will be out combing the forest floors for sweet smelling pine cones and feathered ferns that can lend an air of autumn to any home. In fact, with such a wealth of ready-made mediums, including the fruits of the harvest, you can really let your imagination fly and create wreathes and bouquets from maple leaves. With their vivid and varied colours they make a wonderful addition to collages and other pictures or simply left on a branch and placed in a medicine jar for a skeletal bouquet.

Pumpkins and other squashes can be dried and used, if not for Halloween, then a candle or incense holder bringing a sweet fragrance to your autumnal apartment can also do the trick. Colourful berries, acorns and other seeds should be used to create wreaths or garlands to adorn your mantles.

Perfect Prints

I've been looking forward to complimenting some seasonal discoveries with a few carefully selected art prints to bring coherence to the theme. Autumnal landscapes are an obvious choice but, as long as you stay faithful to your natural colour scheme, you are free to express yourself with whichever image takes your fancy.

To bring a little glamour and romance to your décor you could mix it up with luxurious golds, silvers, browns and yellows of Gustav Klimt or, for a more abstract and artistic feel go with the muted browns and pastel greens of a classic Picasso. For a more graphical and seasonally inspired look try Japanese printmaker Katsushika Hokusai and for those looking to capture a little more passion, then hang a piece of Parisian urban mythology with Robert Doisneau's Kiss.

Whatever style of print you go for be sure to aim for a large piece that compliments your autumnal creations and brings a sense of the season into your home. I usually Head over to Posterlounge where you'll find all of the images you'll need to create the perfect home interior this autumn.

Photo Courtesy of Etsy Harmonicajane