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Do you by any chance recognize the above header ? it was a long. . . while back now, this was my very first blog header. I must have gone through countless of fonts and a cargo full of shades of color. after gazillion attempts i felt the above was the least cumbrous of ones darnedest attempts. i did. . and still use Photoshop in a self taught manner, with a experimental trial and error method, I've always had very little patience, to Google Photoshop tutorials, i never seem to retain the new techniques on Photoshop. i wanted to take a little hop down blogger memory lane, before I chat about my pending blog design re-vamp.

The last blog revamp was over a year ago, I was so very nearly tempted to go for the look above, but in the end I opted to change it for a lighter color scheme that i have today. I am never completely satisfied with my blog makeovers, do you ever feel the same way ? I was nearly enticed to order a customized template, but i would have felt defeated had I not coded and designed the blog myself, it would have also felt a tad impersonal. 

Logo Designs

Older Logo Designs - I have a whole slew of early logos sketches clogging up my computer, most, that I'm glad never saw the light of day, but for some reason I can't get myself to send them to the rubbish bin because those early sketches brings nostalgia, and hopefully the rawness of the images can still provide some sort of stimulus for future designs. I may create an online poll/vote on here to help me pick the next Guilty Hyena logo.

So what next ? I had initially planned to continue my blog posts right through August whilst simultaneously tinkering around with the blog revamp, but my HTML is a little rusty. I hope to atone for the lack of posting in September, which I have penciled in as my blog re-vamp deadline, eeek!

September is always a busy month, the wait for new season pieces are finally over, blame New York Fashion Week, followed by London, Milan, and Paris. I'm on a pants for women crusade, autumn/fall is around the corner and I'm addicted to peg leg pants, joggers and trousers. I'm looking forward to blogging about new season pieces.

Hope to get my blog mojo back on in September!