Cross and Ring Metal hardware Bag

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I may need to dissuade my frivolous needs to buy another handbag. Handbags are THE prime reason why I'm always misplacing my items, the crane that is my hand is always rummaging and transferring Purse ; Debit Cards : ID : Keys : Phone and Makeup etc to another handbag that compliments my mood, outfit and whim on the day.

Lickety-split forthwith — I lusted over the cross and ring metal hardware clasp on this bag, it slightly reminded me of the Givenchy Obsedia bag with the cross and ring clasp WITHOUT it being a fraction of the cost. 

I discovered it at my fave online store 11st, a reputable Korean marketplace where there's literally thousands and thousands of items, you will need patience but Boy does it pay off!! because there are so many gems to discover and the price is much CHEAPER than what you may get at Romwe , Choies , Sheinside or Oasap.