Study Space-Saver

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I made a schedule I made a plan, to wave high those feather dusters and paint rollers to squeeze in a little late spring cleaning. I vowed that all household clutter be banned. I've had enough of the paint fumes and magnolia and moved on to the attic and study, which is filled to the brim with unwanted and unused CD's and DVD's from way back to my early teens. Once I decided to rummage through the CD's, a mini karaoke session transpired, minus the mic and some muddled lyrics, there was plenty of nostalgia going back to those good old days, but I can't use all these CD's as tea coasters...particularly since I don't drink tea!

Music Magpie - Trade in your CD's and DVD's 

I'm hoping my junk is someones else's treasure.. but listing each CD on eBay is a pain in the butt and car boot sales generate little profit! so I was gonna drop them all off at my local charity shop where I've handed my old bike yesterday. Then it occurred to me that I could sell stuff for cash elsewhere and Music Magpie seemed the most convenient to me. They could take my Cd's and DVDs off my hands immediately and I know I'll get a little spending money in return. 

I scanned the bar-code of my DVDs and CD's for a price valuation with my phone and found they wanted largely music albums which suited me fine since I had far too many. Feels pretty liberating once it was done, a space-saver, Sending your items to Music Magpie is free. You can either use free-post labels or arrange for a courier to collect them for free. 

Whilst I was on the verge of sending my CD's and DVD's to Music Magpie, irony would have it I received an email from Music Magpie for a sponsored post. Which killed 2 birds with one stone, but not a Magpie! I hope to use the cash to: wait for a new can of paint! yup, another 3 rooms to go including the skirting boards..good times!