Snapshots No.13 : Neoprene + Scuba

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Life moves on in its neoprene road, albeit I'm rewinding back to the moment when my sister and I, owned matching neoprene black biker jackets with silver striped arms during high school. There was nothing back then anything remotely like these jackets, I haven't a clue what an earth possessed us to buy them, I think I should ACCUSE my mum who paid for them, but yeah! we wore them from time to time..but note not on the same day! 

It never occurred to me that these jackets were made out of neoprene material. Never did I fathom the sort of fabrics I wore, the terminology alone would be like a dull science lesson, I'm still apathetic today with textile fashion terminology.  But I was partially aware....I THINK! the jacket had a scuba diving look & feel to it.

Alas, never was it worn once again after entering College at 16. Hmmm I'm sorta nostalgic & disappointed that we got rid of them, though I don't recall when and how, but in hindsight it was probably a blessing. ~ I'm pinky promising, I will don the neoprene once again !