{ DIY } Fentimans Candle Holder

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I've been drinking up a storm, not the alcohol kind .. just yet! BUT the Fentiman's botanically brewed beverages, I do love a good fizzy drink and you can't beat these fine ol' naturally flavored beverages, they come in delightful old style clear glass bottles, with a screw top lid with delightful vintage packaging. So I decided to use these bottles to create a DIY bottle candle holder

I had to shave some of the wax off the bottom of the candles, since the candles I had stored, were a tad little thick to insert into the bottle top. In the end a super easy homemade DIY, that will be placed somewhere as a decorative centerpiece. :)

My final post before plump and jolly Saint Nicholas pays a visit ! 

"Happy Holidays to all, and to all much love and good-night!" X