Snapshots No.12 Winter Coat of Arms

ShoppingGuilty Hyena12 Comments
The Wolf changes it's coat but not it's disposition...

With cups of coco in front of the fire, the best way to brave the nippy cold outdoors is the ability to don on outerwear coats, jackets, boots and hats. I'm a cold-blooded person, not the murderous type of cold-blooded, but the “I'm freezing"! When spring arrives I begin to feel pretty naked without outerwear. But I hate the instant hot flush you get as you walk through the doors of retail stores, the same thing occurs in reverse as you leave the shop!


Biker Coat with Zip - ZARA

Hi-Shine Hem Zip Coat - ASOS

Dark Khaki Sequin Sleeve Military Parka - SPOILT BRAT 


Leopard Coat - PULL&BEAR 

Contrast Sleeves Masculine Coat - MANGO

Coat with Leather Sleeves - ZARA  


Fleece Lined Suede Coat - YESSTYLE 

Double Breasted Trench Coat with Studded Shoulders - SAM EDELMAN 

Biker Coat - ZARA 

I found zilch this Cyber Monday, hope some of you had better luck! :)