Holiday Snowflakes

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Snow Train 1

Buy Eco Friendly Christmas Tree by One Two Tree 

Create DIY Topiary Trees from pretty paper & wine glasses by Madigan Made

Snow Train 2

Giant DIY Christmas Tree Space saver by Curbly

The Whisky Advent Calendar with individual drams of delicious whisky at Firebox

Snow Train 3

Horrible Holiday Hooligans, a set of troublemaking ornaments on a Christmas Tree by Sebastian Reymers at Etsy

Free Printable Rudolph Holiday Card by Little Monster Baby

Snow Train 4

Holiday Nails at Wonder Forest by 2012 China Glaze Holiday Joy collection buy at Nail Polish Direct

: ( Giving Ebeneezer Scrooge a run for his money!! Reindeer Pâté at Harvey Nichols


I would feel absolutely cruel to taste the Reindeer Pâté! But that's slightly hypocritical of me since I'm not a vegetarian, I eat Turkey, Chicken and Duck at Christmas. This post was supposed to provide me with a festive feeling... but here I am, pondering my carnivore ways. I do try to eat free range when I can afford it ..but who am I kidding!