Weather woes and underclothes

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I hear this statistic often, it is likely you have too !?

an astounding 80 per cent of women could still be wearing the wrong bra! 

you can probably count this hyena into that statistic! Thus leading to back ache,

posture problems and unflattering style. Even so-called "professionals" have routinely put me in horribly fitted bra's, there is the added hassle of variations between brand sizes to consider too. Uncomfortable underwear is particularly troublesome during the unpredictable British summer, which is wreaking havoc on our wardrobes. I try and not let the dreary days drown my style - finding a flattering bra to suit every occasion come rain or shine.

Brassiere There was a collective sigh of relief among women in 1907 when Paul Poiret, a French fashion designer, allowed women to swap the painful corset for dresses that worked with women’s natural body shapes. The modern bra emerged from the development of cup size standardisation in the 1920s. Fortunately, though, underwear design has come a long way since the restrictive styles of the early 20th century. These days, attractive lingerie enhances the natural shape of our bodies with soft, sheer fabrics that provide support and flexibility in the right places.

Elomi Smoothing Strapless Bra

When that elusive sun comes out, you usually want to expose as much skin as possible to top up the tan and collect that valuable vitamin D. Strapless bras are my must-have for warmer weather, allowing you to go bare-shouldered with light summer dresses or tops. Bras like the Elomi Smoothing Strapless Bra combine detachable straps with special gripper elastic for increased support and uplift.

Bras like this are held in place by the band rather than the straps, so make sure this is tight enough to support your chest whilst still allowing you to breathe! If you can get just two fingers beneath the band, the bra is probably the right fit. It is important to find bras that fit, but also we feel comfortable and beautiful in, we should never stop experimenting with various bras or bras sizes since our bodies are always evolving.  

Even when it’s raining, the British summer can still be really hot and humid - especially when you’re cooped up indoors. Yet often the lightweight layer of a top that keeps you cool will show the clunky mechanics of a bulky bra underneath. I try and avoid unsightly shapes by going for a seamless bra – they can help achieve a flattering silhouette under even the finest fabrics.