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○ G-DRAGON One Of A Kind

Singer songwriter producer G-Dragon combines de novo style, charisma, showmanship, and the ability to mark the essence of his prowess as a performer in this much anticipated music video. The “ helloooo “ is echoing in my head. This Korean Hip-Hop track is just the intro to G-Dragon's latest new album, propelling a flurry to what more could be in store. 

○ lupe fiasco 

I have to profess I am a super LAZY lyric listener, usually the beat and melody grabs my attention first, yet I'm swayed to listen to Lupe's lyrics as he spits something meaningful over pop-esque, BUT I've never got round to having a good proper listen! The above track " Battle Scars " has a sumptuous shout-a-long chorus by Guy Sebastian creating a terrific ear-worm.

Lupe Fiasco’s intention was to start a dialogue with this conscious track , the conversation about girls self identifying as “bad bitches”.  I really appreciate this song, a vivid story teller and It doesn’t get much simpler than the chorus.

How do you feel about the term "a Bad Bitch?" 

Everyone has their own definition when it comes to the word “BITCH” I know it can also be used as a term of endearment between women as in “That’s My BITCH.” Can women use and reclaim the word “bitch” or “bad bitch” as an empowerment tool ? 

○ PSY Gangnam Style

PSY has entertained the masses in Korea for over a decade, I've heard his live concerts are boss! Glad to see this MV has gone viral and the invisible horse dance is just PSY all over.