3 Dimensional Earrings

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Studs, hoops, cuff, dangly drop ones, chandelier ones, spiky ones ... I delight in donning everything from minimalistic earrings to costume earrings, it all depends on the mood and look. I usually opt for smaller earrings as I have a smallish face. I can't always pull off the kooky unusual designs but I SURE like to give it a try!

From the whirligig of time, I set eyes on three dimensional earrings (ear tunnels) like the ones below, I indisputably wanted to get my paws on them, alas I could only purchase them from Asia via the delectable e shops, I coveted them in my 'Unique earrings' post awhile back, hoping they would crossover to here, to which they have done!   

Shoprowky was where I saw the 3D earring concept and Asos & Topshop etc were and are providing adorkable 3D earrings. I'm positive we'll see more concepts of the 3D earring catering for the badassical variety too. You can also show your wild side with belly rings for the beach this summer


Wearing what you love, wearing what makes you happy at each moment -- as if a girl, living in a small beach island, picks up a flower from a garden and utilizing it as a hair accessory.pick a jewel was born to incorporate this natural deed of happiness, hidden in our daily life, to your lifestyle. Let's find the one, made by you, and just made for you.

You could create your very own 3D earring of some sort with pick a jewel, clipping whatever suits your fancy. For those clever DIY folks, you could probably make and design your own ear tunnels.