Summer Party Events

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Don't you admire the quirky clever party event ideas regarding everything from a venue, food, props, themes etc. I have seen identical weddings month after month which mostly cost above £40,000! The happy couple seem content enough, maybe I would have been the same, since it is a tradition of our culture to throw BIG weddings. 

A typical wedding can easily include 400-500 guests. If I'm honest I prefer more intimate personal occasions, that don't have to cost a fortune! There are a bunch of super concepts for party and event planning thanks to creative social curation sites, they have triggered my imagination, to seize the summer and take advantage of some well deserved respite. 

Here I was this summer concocting a small garden party, throw in a few DIY decorative props and some hearty rustic food, drink and music. We're currently in the middle of July and so far the weather has been a total washout! It has been the wettest June and July in 100 years, you'd think us brits would be used to it by now, but even by our standards it's been grim! Scratch cocktail umbrellas out and in comes umbrella for the downpour.

It was fun while it lasted brainstorming ideas for the outdoors,  I came across erento a convenient way to be able to rent everything you need, from party event hire to projectors and designer handbags for a wedding or party event.   

The London Olympics will begin next Friday, hopefully that will, more than make up for the grim climate, athletes have begun arriving in their thousands, my nearest airport has been busy. Curiously enough I have not seen any TV footage on the London Olympics building up to the opening ceremony, though maybe I spend far too much time moseying on-line.

Will you be viewing the London Olympic games?  What are your plans for the summer of 2012?