Link Love : Would You Rather ?

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Which would you rather ? My answers are a borrower.. an alligator tail.. and the last one is hard to choose!? 

Would you rather is a pretty simple game, where I think we've all played it one time or another during our fruitful teen years! Most likely we played it for our own amusement or just out of sheer boredom especially if it was during a double maths lesson.

From a curious perspective I wonder if we can deduce a persons personality or rationale through their answers, even if they're make believe scenarios !? The witty part can come afterwards when discussing the trivial answers and why we came to that conclusion, or is that a tad too geeky of me ? 

So anyhow it made me smile when I came across the whom creates fun colourful illustrations characterising the would you rather scenarios. Go check it out!

How would you answer the above ? ?  Enjoy your weekend folkss!