Graduate Fashion Week 2012

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Uni classes came and went, with all the toils and spoils, congratulations! are now due to all the graduates and furthermore to the crème de la crème at 2012’s Graduate Fashion Gala Show. Have a little look... at the young, exciting and the creative.


Particularly feeling the use of eye-wear complimenting the exuberant three-dimensional accordion pleats, they sort of remind me of a jack-in-the-box. Actually haven't seen a jack-in-the-box in yonks! okay back on topic. Xiaoping Huang was handed the Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award, for her creative planetary pleats. 


My general favourite collection included this one, how clever are these hair fringes framing the printed pop art like giant faces. The rad hair theme works really well and LOVE the giant perspex hair clip necklace and the mini hair clips, certainly a statement accessory. I so want this! 


My eyes drew straight to this pastel palette collection and for the corseted ruffle silhouette crop jackets. The lightweight floaty structured pieces with opulent details, looks delightful feminine and quirky.


Russian dolls in all it's monochrome and gold glory, marched there way donning fur cossack hats with prints depicting the red square architecture, exuding a ceaseless charm, thus creating the ultra metallic matryoshka decadence. It comes by no thunderbolt that this collection was deservedly nominated for the Zandra Rhodes textile award.


These headpieces really stand out with the yellow accents of colour and bold CC logos, generating a Sport Lux sportswear line for women. Inspired by Olympics weight training, Charli Cohen harmonises her time between being a personal trainer as well as a sportswear designer, becoming the best motivator for a little workout or sports, in high-fashion functional exercise garments. 

And so, class of 2012 bravo! you have begun to blaze your own trails. The world is waiting for you!