Amara Baobab scented candle : Review

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Good candles, really really GOOD candles... are just the cat's pyjamas. They need to be functional, soothing and it helps if they look aesthetically appealing. I use to think most candles are of all relatively the same quality, until I was prone to headaches from the overpowering synthetic scented candles, I wasn't aware that the wrong candle could be toxic, if they weren't 100% pure. 

I have been given the opportunity to put the Baobab Madagascar Vanilla, one of Amara's most

luxury candle brand to the test!

How is the packaging & aesthetics of the candle? 

For a luxury brand I expected good packaging and appearance, once I opened my package, I was able to see a beautiful black textured elegant sturdy box shown above in the photo. Making for an ideal wedding or birthday gift. The monochrome label around the box clues you as to what's inside.

The candle itself was larger than expected, it came in a hand-blown glass vase providing a telling high finish, with a monochrome printed ribbon and tag.

What did my candle smell like?

The scent description for Boaobab Madagascar Vanilla is as follows:

Its pure white wax and beautifully sweet scent. Inspired by Madagascar, or the 'big island' in the Indian Ocean, which is the largest producer of vanilla beans in the world. Madagascar bourbon vanilla is considered the highest quality, it has a creamy sweet smooth and mellow flavour which gives a tropical aroma, with the exotic scent of Frangipani tree held down by the base notes of Sandalwood.

Immediately without the candle lit I was happy with the scent, it's pretty much everything you could want out of a great vanilla bean. It was creamy smooth authentic and comforting. The strength scent was just right, not too overpowering but pretty good for the size of the container. Best of all I had no headache !

How did my candle burn?

First of all I was happy to see 4 wicks on this candle for even burning. This was a relatively slow-burning candle, which I really appreciated. Longer for me to enjoy the scent! I didn't see any smokey black soot nor was there any around my candle rim when lit for less than 3 hour periods. A clean burning candle to say the least! Approx 60 hours of burn time.

Would I buy Baobab scented candle on a regular basis ? I would like to.. but it is a luxury range, though makes for a perfect gift for a friend or family or why not the occasional treat for yourself, I know I could get use to it!