Your portrait as a vintage Chinese propaganda hero

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History was always one of my favourite subjects.. politics not so much !! but both of them go hand in hand. I know pretty much zilch about Chinese Maoism, though I'm aware Chinese vintage propaganda posters has always been notable for it's red and black artistic impressions of a surreal cartoonist style and producing extraordinary poster designs, capturing the stalwart nature of the soaring human spirit of the peoples optimism. A large number of the posters are quite unique, and will bedazzle forever in the history of Chinese art. 

Now you can have your portrait oil painted like a chinese propoganda artist ! Become a hero ! check out Maoart

Maoart paintings integrate with virtuosity real people’s faces into faithfully reproduced propaganda posters. Based on a photograph provided by you and a poster of your choice, an artist renders you as a socialist hero. Each painting requires several days of work, and the result is always outstanding. It's a very original gift idea.

The element of romanticism makes the arts more visionary and what has more sentimentality than yours or your loved ones portrait. Beware not to brainwash the masses!