{Runway} Romance was Born meets Marvel comics

RunwayGuilty Hyena3 Comments

Who doesn't secretly wish they were a superhero?! superheroes have not only started to leap from pages, to the big screen but also onto this Romance was Born collection made in cooperation with Marvel comics. A super blend of nerd chic iconography with dynamic structured silhouettes and half-tone patterns packed a punch, while still being wearable on a day where you would feel playful and herolike. It's one more reason why comic books should not be mocked.  

Though truth be told I have never read a comic book! but I've always wanted to go to a comic-con, the world of comics, graphic novels, anime and manga is enticing.

The friendship between superheros and fashion is a powerful one; they both obsess over the body, its transformation and identity.” described the designing duo Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett.