Queens Jubilee : Street Art Banksy

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Summer 2012 emerges to be a chock - full festive season with the Olympics kicking off on 27th July, Euro 2012 8th June and The Queen’s Jubilee this coming weekend.  In case some of you have been in hiding :) , this weekend is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and marks the Queen’s 60th year on the throne, I'm not a royalist but I guess it's not often we get a 4 day weekend to kick back, so have a long glorious weekend folks.

Banksy piece has been spotted on the outer wall of a Poundland near the Turnpike Lane Tube station with bunting in tow inspired by the Queen's upcoming Diamond Jubilee and notably shed's light on child labour issues. Why Poundland? Well over the past few years, the company has been at the centre of controversy after it was revealed that a seven-year-old boy was working 100 hour weeks to produce their goods. The company have since severed ties with the supplier in question. I like how the piece is made 3D and lifted with the use of the fabric flag bunting, but more-so for the statement this street art brings.