The end of underweight models ?

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Life is a runway, with diverse paths but less so for the contemporary runway model at present. Models need to be tall and statuesque strutting like peacocks with their fine grace and movement, they're are deem to be elusive figures - sought after, highly desired, mostly for their genetics long limbs and willowy figures. Albeit this may be the case, many unhealthy underweight models have left a lasting mark on teenage girls all over the world. The result of a skewed ideal of beauty.

Models have strived to meet the criteria so they could land the high paying jobs, but the pressures were so great, that sadly at times became life-threatening situations for some. Last week, all 19 editors of international fashion magazine, Vogue, pledged to stop using underweight and underage models in their magazines. Hooray! it's a tiny step in the right direction, Not only will this show off women’s clothing the sound way it should be worn, but the misinterpreted illusion that you have to be dangerously thin to be beautiful is slowly but surely disappearing off the magazine shelves in newsagents in every country around the globe.

After decades of underweight models in the fashion industry and cries of criticism from all corners of the health industry, this step in the right direction will hopefully lead the way in healthy models, decked in all there refinery.

Conde Nast International Chairman, Jonathon Newhouse stated that, “Vogue believes that good health is beautiful,” after the worldwide fashion Bible pledged to “not knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder.”

Good news seeing will be believing Vogue ! at least its a start !!! photo courtesy of Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano.