The World's First Interactive Shoppable Music Video

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Folks at SSENSE have launched the first interactive shoppable music video! pretty cool huh![though I heard ASOS did it first] All performers in the video of the premier 'I think she ready' were styled exclusively by SSENSE, where you can shop Iggy’sFKi’s and Diplo’s looks using interactive hotspot technology from wireWAX

Although viewers probably couldn't afford half of the clothes for sale including moi, the video is a tribute to high fashion and the next generation of shopping.

SSENSE CEO Rami Atallah explains, “This is the first time the worlds of music, fashion and commerce have truly overlapped. The integration we are introducing between technology, entertainment and retail with this video not only creates a unique experience for the audience, but also has utility. People often wonder what performers are wearing, where they can purchase that item – we have bridged that gap.”

You can use the exact same technology for free, if you as bloggers like to create make-up, diy video tutorials. There's a free package available at wireWAX though it's probably limited as subscription provides more, but I anticipate we'll be seeing alot more of taggable video tools soon. Check out an older music post I created with an image taggable tool called Thinglink, they now charge for the service but it's a pretty neat tool.