Phillip Lim Transformable Vest

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Most children and the men young at heart, are captivated by the cars that transform themselves into life size robots, like transformers. You can see why they're so captivating. So it's not a shot in the dark to suggest these Phillip Lim transformable multifunctional vest's are ab-so-lute-ly the bee's knees .. 

Phillip Lim signature style has already won him cult status in the world of contemporary fashion, the drawstring neck alone is genius! I will have to file these under 'things I want but will never have', but it doesn't matter because it always feels cathartic sharing it here. 

Play between form and function. Sleeveless jacket that transforms into a backpack. Drawstring neck, Flap pockets, and zip-front detailing.

Images courtesy of Lane Crawford 31PhillipLim