Thursday Contraptions

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1. Crash Corsage App The world's first wedding crasher phone app but BEWARE the wrath of the bridezilla !! includes dates and locations of nearby weddings, you can even complete tasks at the wedding like taking pictures. Earning points helps you get up the leader board nationally of wedding crashers using the app. DISCLAIMER : I'm not encouraging this ; )

We are gathered here today to witness the holiest of unions: you and the wedding you’ll be crashing. Just download Crash Corsage, dust off your tuxedo, and prepare your heart, liver, and genitals for a never-ending parade of strangers’ weddings. Crash Corsage
2. TipOff App

Turn your iPhone into a early warning device. A motion-sensing app that detects when a door is opened, the TipOff app calls a number (supposedly your lover’s one) when a door is opened. Providing you a enough reaction time to make a quick escape through that window to escape without a sound, without a trace, without a sign.

Forget fretting about whether you heard a key in the lock or voices along the corridor. With TipOff, unexpected arrivals become little more than minor inconveniences. After all, there are some performances that aren’t improved by an audience.  TipOff