Claw my way back here

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After a three months inactivity, I didn't plan on having, I'm happy to be back blogging in the year of the Water Dragon 2012, lets make it a good one!! The best way to get back to blogging after a long break is to just slip back in with no big fuss. It’s time that I pick this thing back up and start creating. I’m feeling a little rusty. blogging is constantly on my mind. I mean on a daily basis I say to myself, “You should blog about this.” But I don’t.

I was having a slight identity crisis with the way my blog looked, so after hours of tinkering and photoshop, I stopped at this. I usually stop just short of what I'm content with or I never know when to put the paint brush down. I'm not sure which one it was this time. But I guess that's not important but just to be updating again  :) x