Monday Contraptions + TV ANTICS

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This is my first post yielded in October, I'm feeling conscience stricken for not having posted anything here for 10 days.. it's not for a lack of material - lord knows I wanted to bequeath on you MORE unusual shoes and whatever cockamamie trappings I usually post ~ I have a confession I never use the word 'lord' it just transpires when I write! tis why I minimize self ramblings, I come to realise whatever I type sounds nothing like me!

There's my DAILY gab separated by my TYPING gab. But whichever gab it is today.. I decided to tentatively peck at my keyboard on this very Monday  So... Where do I begin?. Lately I've watched' My Goldfish is Evil' yes I will outright declare I switch channels for this show! Unless you're under 13 or have younger; siblings nieces/nephews children of your own it is very LIKELY YOU may NOT have heard of this show.

I seem to be acquainted with my inner child and adore the concept of an evil criminal genius fish who can be quite witty versus his poor owner Beanie. Before you think I'm a votary of this show, just so you know I've watched 3 episodes in the span of couple of months, so it begs to differ why this made the forefront of this post!?

Probably a bit late for this one but anyways the show 'Cake Boss', what inventiveness of fondant magic used to concoct cray cray cakes, I like the family & team and the way they pull together when needed. My parents had a family business so I can relate to this show.


1. Zoff Mirror featuring the well known Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara - try out the free app online! 

2. Alarm clock app Okite posts embarrassing tweets to your Twitter feed, each time you hit snooze. -

Available on iPhones 

After the alarm goes off in the morning, the app send out tweets, such as “dressed as a sailor now” and “not enough talented people like me in the world”, whenever users hit the snooze button. Okite, which means “wake up” in Japanese, is a free app that discourages users from sleeping in, developed by Japanese company Eureka. 

Sadly though this isn't localized in English! I could really do with this.. If this is not incentive to wake up, I’m not sure what is!