Kermit Tesoro Pony Skull

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The name 'Kermit' keeps popping up on my tiny watchtower - but it's not of the friendly frog muppet kind! More so a Filipino fashion designer & artist named - Kermit Tesoro, whom in fillipino language could be described as a little 'Krung Krung' with his visionary designs and inspiration.

The aesthetics exhibited from his works reflect's a championing of technology and unconventional materials and inclinations towards art science religion and childhood fascinations. These shoes have smack-dab evoked my attraction to pony hair. I highly recommend that you check out his other latest FW 11 clothing collection here  

Coinciding facts I came across whilst writing this post  - 1. Kermit, a given name of Irish origin meaning "without envy or jealousy".