Do you hate the word Fashion?

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Sometimes I feel the word 'FASHION' is made-up of a flammable orb, that ignites our world's diva complex. I never feel comfortable describing this blog.. as a fashion blog, the word itself seems to resonate negative associations, conjuring up images of the fickle nature of celebrity culture, materialistic snootish air, bullshit media correspondents. But I profess, the description of this blog is not important, Why? because it really doesn't matter in the large scheme of things, I shouldn't have a problem with the word 'FASHION but with it's associations that comes along with the word.

It doesn't help when I see fashion slang used as the ones in the illustration below, I have to develop a more thicker skin but I will always dislike with a passion 'worst dressed' 'hot or not' and articles of what not to wear, I will never understand conformism, I please myself to wear whatever I want,  but I'm not one for dismissing something for being popular either. Thus I'm gonna end this Friday's post with a smile that is a curve that sets everything straight. { forgive me for that usage, I only heard it today :-) 

Can you think of anymore undermining fashion lingo?