{DIY} Spike Hair Comb

InspirationGuilty Hyena12 Comments

August is almost over (sniff sniff) but not before I share this super DIY by the primo pair Erica and Lauren of Honestly WTF. They have DIY’d Maison Michel’s metal spike comb, seen in Paris below. As for DIY's, this one looks completely do-able, even I couldn't possibly mess this up, Uh-oh, now I said it .. anti jinx potion needed, yes not a little superstitious. 

You’ll need: 9 brass cone spikes

a 3-4″ plastic hair comb

liquid super glue (not gel)

Start by adding a small amount of liquid super glue to one end of the comb. Place a metal spike on top of the glue and hold it in place for at least 30 seconds. Let it dry completely before letting go.

Glue another spike to the other end of the comb. Then, using a ruler, place the rest of the spikes along the length of the comb to make sure there is enough spacing between each spike.

Continue glueing each spike, alternating from one side to another.

Stick the spiked comb in a bed of teased and tousled hair!