{Video} • Skateboarding comes to India • 2NE1 Music Video

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This enchanting cinematography makes for palpable viewing, would you have thought? a sport like skateboarding could bring so much intrigue fascination and joy, coupled with the local vibe and organic scenery. Captured by Guilhem Machenaud,  "A true meeting between skateboard and people, in a simply incredible country." - Oxelo 

I never got round to sharing the music video of 2NE1's latest single 'I am the best' whom are seen donning all various Avant-Garde and magnetizing delights, covered in here. 'Bam Ratatata Tatatatata' is the most euphonic part of the track. ~  I've just realised I've made a boo boo because I thought it was Friday!! A Thursday hopscotching' it is then.