Stoyn Sculpture Ice Cream Heads

Art Living & DecorGuilty Hyena9 Comments

Alas yesterday and today I've been melting like a Ice Cream in the heat, finally some good weather has arrived, so it's fitting to have stumbled across these delicious looking sculpting iconic figures of Ice Cream heads, with the exemplers of Darth Vader, Ernesto Che Guevara,  Vladimir Mayakovsky, Donald Duck, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse and Mario. ~ I'm actually quite fond of the cardboard cutout Popsicle heads too, a super way of marketing the Ice Cream by Stoyn the Russian advertising agency. 

Moreover I'm glad to hear they have organic flavors such as Cranberry with vodka (Mayakovsky), blueberry with licorice (Darth Vader) and mate with rum (Che Guevara) it's quite creative and intelligent that these flavors have been picked out to match with each figure head's personality. ~ I hope they never melt they look far too good!  Photo's via Beautiful Life