Anglasad "SECOND LINE BRASS CAP" GR8 Exclusive

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Oh boyy! aren't these Military shaped hats by Anglasad, super!? The motfit given for these hat's are influenced by New Orleans brass band. The term 'Second Line Beat' is a New Orleans expression. 

New Orleans brass bands play happy, up beat music. The melodies and rhythms they played are so infectiously joyful that the street crowds, gather from everywhere.   [A history lesson I've just soaked up whilst writing this post ] 

New Orleans Second-Lines and Jazz Funerals. These parades are called “second-lines’ because back in the day, the parades in New Orleans were separated in two halves – the whites up front, and the blacks in the back. Well, the real party was clearly in the back, and the negro musicians developed a unique beat that has been immortalized their position in those parades – to this day it is referred to as a ’second-line beat’ and all New Orleans funk is based upon it.  Source

Just goes to show, drooling over items can bring some acumen to the mind once in a while, and moreover these hats have a good fusion of music sense and fashion. They come in various tasty colors : BlackGold Metallic, Light animal Red Paisley Blue Paisley Silver Leopard Zebra Gold and Silver.

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