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Have you ever fell in love with a fashion item that you saw someone wearing in the street, with an accessory in a magazine, or with tasty looking shoes on a fashion blog? It happens to all of us; we get inspired, we absolutely want it. Now, you have a way to get your hands on the fashion items you love! 

WHERE TO GET IT You can now ask the Where to get it community to help you find the fashion items you love, plus it helps you find cheaper alternatives!!

Beyonce wearing Laruicci earrings and claw rings in her new music video "Run the World (Girl)" Earrings Retail: $275. Rings, Retail: $78 (each). Beyonce and Laruicci provided stunning visuals, B has been known to use this jewelery label in the past and it's nice to see she remains a loyal customer. 

LARUICCIComprised of tempting and glamorous necklaces, extravagant rings, and “try me if you dare” bangles and earrings.

A very stylish cool website started by the artist, Jeana Sohn, that features creative beautiful women sharing their closets and natural habitat. Who doesn't love peaking inside stylish peoples homes? Quenches the interior designers appetite.  

CLOSET VISIT Visits creative, inspiring and stylish ladies' closets. Stylists, artists and bloggers artfully intimately lay bare. [Kick ass L.A haunts]