I am yours and you, you are mine

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$98 of power high walking! at Storets Lately I've been spending my energies with everything but dandifying my wardrobe, I've been on the hunt for- new white acrylic wall shelves, music software to create music mixes ~ (which peeked my interest until I fail miserably) art work album covers, coffee table's ...and just plain aloof procrastinating. Newly of late the two items above are on my craving scroll! 

Wouldn't they make a tasty combo!? The faux leather trench coat reminds me of the ala Burberry Garbardine Trench Coat with contrast sleeves, shown image below. The price difference bolsters my cravings, but doesn't aid me to reach into my purse now, as I have diddly squat this month to my name. Serves me right for my non-frugal spending.  

Patience is the art of caring slowly :(