Zutto Tsuzukete Japan Nihon-koku

Guilty Hyena6 Comments

You maybe aware that Asian Fashion plays a elephantine part to why I'm drawn to the avant-garde, in particularly from the nation of Japan. I've always seeked to gain a stimulus from the Japanese mavericks.  I stand amid the countless of people whom have Japan currently close to there heart, hopes and tears. After hearing from some of my friends, thankfully it would seem Tokyo is regaining some lifeblood, as workers return from short leave of absence. 

I was specifically looking forward to Japanese Fashion Week in Tokyo, which was scheduled to be held from March 18th, understandably it had to be canceled, the designers expressed their apologies for being unsure of when or how to even reschedule exhibitions. As a consequence, the designers will now be holding  sporadic exhibitions showcasing their collections. I'll try and share these with you over the next month.

So for now I decided to give salute to Japanese Fashion in my next few posts.