London College of Fashion MA 2011

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Oliver Ruuger's striking luxurious black leather, concocting porcupine like spikes

on a holdall, with tasty bulbous gold studs, the metal hardware is stitched to the leather. The leather itself is constructed of single flat patterns, and lots of little laser cut holes all of which I individually attach each stud. The briefcase is made from 2,600 studs

Baptized the 'Blonde Umbrella' Oliver Ruuger’s adorned studded handles complete with long

blonde horse hair and black hair accompanied designer

Jia Ju sharp tailored suits.

Unsurprisingly, there was too much flair and craft on display at the  London College of Fashion’s MA Graduate School , I had to hug in a few more designers that charmed my palate. 

Photo's Courtesy of and T-shirt & Tails Blogspot & Catwalking

A Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment, and this exhibition was no exception. I usually don't post many menswear collection's, but I couldn't keep these to myself.