Happy Birthday Madre

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Hey kind reader! 

You're maybe wondering why it's been a few week and there's no post's about something absolutely off odd ball. But I've got an uber good reason--I promise. And I also promise to tell you all about it...some other time...honest! I tell you what though, I've been bookmarking all the little swell and dandy contraptions and habiliments over these last few weeks, and I'm itching to post these....there's a crush of new Fall 2011 collections exhibited at the New York, London, Italy Fashion Week I'm craving to share with you, though I know for now, I'm gonna have to pace myself! And todays, my mothers Birthday, which is why I've posted an old vintage photo of her -  as-well as Bonjour Paris Fashion Week! oh là là [yep french isn't my thang!]

She wont be happy to find out that I dug up this old photo from the photo album! But there's something about the coloring of this vinatge photo which I adore, as well as my mothers simplicity and innocence before migrating to England.