God Save The Queen

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BRITISH HUNKY DORY Another dose of Japanese vision and flair with the customized leather jacket by ilil, it is likely inspired by the nearing Royal Wedding. A lofty usage of printed gold 50p coins displaying Queen Elizabeth, somewhat leaving a punk England sentiment.  

Residing from the U.K and England, it's probably natural that I don't find anything England related as fascinating as other non British folk, though I have noted over the last decade, the union jack flag is favored fashionably on many products as well as many other British memorabilia. Alexander McQueen further, played a huge impact of galvanizing the trend for red, white and blue with his God Save McQueen Union Jack collection. Here are a few British inspired driblets below.

I usually prefer, keeping away from wearing any Union Jack apparel, unless the World Cup is around, though I would make the exception for Katie Eary British Bulldog Print T-Shirt. LFW S11. Seen below featuring a graphic bulldog and Union Jack screen print to the front, with a gold plated metallic studding.