Fellow Blogger's Photo Project- Put Faces to URLs

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Photographs of bloggers, alone, illuminated by computer screen~ sounds kind off elementary for a photo project! Howbeit, Gabriela Herman's photo's, bring a milieu of intimacy, by exhibiting body-language  atmospheric physical work space's created either permanent or temporary by the blogger. It's fascinating to see from these portraits, solitary actions of bloggers alone in the dark illuminated by the computer screens, acting out their thought process via either solitary body stances or tranquilizing postures. 

Julia Rappaport fork lift 

Drew Grant crushable 

Ruben Natal-San Miguel artmostfierce 

Lilit Marcusthe gloss 

Richard Blakeley gawker 

Imran Khan letters to romeo 

Manjari Sharma ishaara 

Soraya Darabi foodspotting 

I can't imagine I look too indifferent to these bloggers above, though I can safely say, I've blogged fully clothed thus far! not in my underwear like Ruben-natal from above ^^, that is if he is wearing anything under there! ~ It has only occurred to me that food bloggers, would have to make frequent trips to the fridge, entailing that exact ingredient.