Protest via 4th Amendment Underwear

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Now there's a way to protest those intrusive TSA AIRPORT X-ray Body scanners without saying a word.

Before I begin, I'm not going to hide my stance on TSA body scanners!

I have concerns that frequent exposure to TSA-operated scanner devices may carry health risks, such as exposure to radiation that may increase the risk of cancers and other health issues. Scanners have not been in operation long enough for an effective study to be performed.- My second qualm is the invasive body scans, which certainly don't leave much to the imagination- raising further concerns relating to individual's right to privacy- one that has been increasingly threatened since terrorism became a more immediate problem in recent years. I realise striking the right balance between security and privacy, is a complex affair, though for me personally the balance has been tipped towards security. ~ Though I don't resent those who feel at ease travelling via TSA scanner devices.


The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, meant to prevent unwarranted search and seizure, is readable on TSA body scanners.

The concept behind 4th Amendment Wear is simple: to get a few people to think a little more about their constitutional rights. The creators behind these 4th Amendment undergarments said- 

"It all started when we removed our shoes to go through an X-ray scanner. What a great canvas the top of a pair of socks are - a place to make a statement about the hassles we have to go through to be safe. So printing the 4th amendment on them seemed like a nice way to make a statement - without being a pain in the ass to the already harrowed TSA employees. In fact, many of us approve of and willingly undergo the airport security protocols. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't question whether it's the very best solution."

SCAN OR NO SCAN? 4thAmendment