Noise Magazine- Colour Co-Ordinates

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U.S fashion photographer Teneshia Carr - delivers in tandem with stylist and art director

Max Souffriau to deliver a striking avant-garde fashion take for the latest issue of Noise magazine. Displaying, four separate arbitrary hands, two of the gold manikin kind with matching bump bag or as the U.S say, fanny pack! - with matching mini hanging figurines hanging on for their lives. Tasty styling sweeping through with added rib cage top and mesh. Though the muses face is marginally bizarre, but remember-able.

Models: Rachel Rutt |Next|, Leona Ringstorm |Next| Hair: Marl Ohashl Make Up: Sunanda Mesqulta Art Director & Stylist: Max Souffriau  photos courtesy of //Design Scene

Exhibiting Vivienne Westwood trousers John Galliano jockstrap's and Pebble accessories, and stylists own tasty leggings.