Month One Commences

Guilty Hyena9 Comments

If I were a good blogger- I'd have made my first post of the year on the 3rd January just like I said I would, but due to some serious unfortunate napping.. my tardiness is seeping through to 2011!    

Should I still greet you with a Happeee New Year!!?   It's only right if I do!  Let’s rock 2011 shall we? and coincidentally this 500th post! Here’s to a year filled with: friends, fun, love, laughter, adventure, possibilities, and lots and lots of funkdafied art' music' movies' events' and avant-garde shenanigans !

This au courant year, I've been itching to refresh the look of my blog, I was tempted to take on a whole new blogging platform and design and code the blog personally, but I had to honestly take into consideration time-constraints. I didn't want to end up commencing this project half-heartedly, hence alternatively I updated my blog header and icons with some restiff.

My additional novelty is the music pad at the bottom, added on a whim, it will pop up when I feel the desire to share some songs, this is as a result of my conscious effort to personalise my blog, so you know a tad more about this Guilty Hyena. 0_0

I'm truly glad I had a buzzing Christmas with the family, especially sharing the festive season for the first time with my lovable grandmother. Cheers to a whole new year of brouhaha and all sorts of wunderbar! x 

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien - Edith Piaf, appropriate and empowering for my first post of the New Year. I hope it inspires you to start 2011 with no regrets.