Jane Bowler Fusion Collection

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Shower Curtain Convert?

I have actual antipathy towards shower curtains, thankfully I have a shower door, but I just find them unhygienic and I dread the horrible moment when they stick to you, whilst having a shower. So bewilderingly enough what do I stumble upon..? Designer Jane Bowler creating a new spin on rain-coats using re-cycled plastics including shower curtains. Jane uses outlandish indecorous items to inspire her to create innovative and desirable items.

Serious rain protection from this faux mo-hawk coloured glossy head piece, most likely to cause dancing in the rain.

Jane brings "longevity to materials, which come from a London post-use scrap facility, transforming plastics from old bath mats and shower curtains" into witty fashion pieces.

Innovative collection and concept, though it still wont ease my antipathy towards shower curtains an inch. Photography by Joanne Warren

Welding construction developed in collaboration with Jo Lewis at TWI Ltd Women's Knitwear developed in collaboration with Knitted Textile Designer Victoria Campbell (RCA)