Jan Taminiau AW 2010/11

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Heroic Hats & PALM TREE HAIR

Swell Palm tree hair and funkdafied hats Jan Taminiau is a romanticist at heart, cultivating individualism, reverence to the natural world, physical and emotional passion through his garments. This line percolates delicate feminine concept for those ladies who arent afraid to be bold and utterly charming. Taminiau comes from a family of antique dealers, decorators and designers. This could form the basis for his love of fabric and technology, and continuation of being inspired by the romantic and nostalgic aspects of life.

Jan Taminiau, portrays craftsmanship and attention to detail, with the creation of large heroic hats and horse-tail ponytails and a smatter of embellishments, topped off with point shoulders and signature shoes. 

I would feel like a ♛ contempo cinderella ♛ in one of these gowns, the romanticist in me is seeping out.