Heather Hawkins - Riveted Cosmetic Case

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Make-up bags should meet all of your cosmetic-packing needs. I load mine up with concealers by M.A.C or Bobby Brown and lipstick + lip gloss, eye liner, blusher, lightweight eye shadows, comb, etc. Though I concede I'm genuinely a make-up dweeb! I rarely wear 85% of what's gathered in my cosmetic bag. The more I apply make-up, the more it begins to look grim. I find - these particular cosmetic bags by Heather Hawkin are more enticing than the make-up itself. - tellingly evident to why I'm such a make-up philistine! BUT -One thing I cant leave the house without applying is under eye concealer, a committal duty for covering my dark circles.

Riveted Cosmetic Case in Wine Croc Patent & Riveted Cosmetic Case in Silver Patent Slashed from $145 to now $58 via Billion Dollar Babes

What's YOU'RE one cosmetic/make-up essential you can't endure without?