G-DRAGON & TOP Duple Combo

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Now I don't usually pander to the "look this celeb is wearing so and so" but I make an exception for South Korea's music artists G-Dragon and TOP. Both appear pioneering their distinct style and spirit, galvanized by their love of music, raiment design and moreover interior design for TOP. This is not the first time G-Dragon has featured on this blog, though it is for TOP, also known as T.O.P.

The photo's below are from their new duo album jacket, which non coincidentally I'm currently listening too. Just in-case you cant distinguish from the two, the first photo is of G-Dragon.   

Instantology White Tux Jacket with White Satin Lapel & Instantology custom-made suit Black Velvet Tux With Satin Lapel finished off with Christian Louboutin Rollerball Loafers. The fur hat is my highlight. 

Gaze the Stylish Well Made MV

Butterfly/Bunny Ring and Chain Accessories and Diamanté decorated eye. 


Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 – Leather Studded Biker Jacket Asymmetric zip closure, two front zip pockets and zips on each sleeve from the elbow down the forearm. Metallic eyelets under arms, belted waist with small metallic buckle. Seen Below

Kaws 4 Feet Dissected Companion Original Fake Black Version 

MCM gloves in fuscia, Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 sleeveless studded vest.

Tanks, furry dogs, GTOP logo covered jackets, match the strange vibe of their song.