Lucent Luxirare

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Belatedly, I'm sharing with you.. one of my most favoured & funkdafied blog's that I must always pay a regular visit. It's Perpetually brimming with mouth watering cuisines and killer clothes and accessories, many of her cutting-edge creations are home-made, using the finest materials and adept craft, thus creating fashion purity that is so rare, which undoubtedly exemplifies the terms luxury and rare.

The muse Iana - wears Luxirare handmade leopard print calf hide peacoat, Luxirare leather skirt, and D-SQUARED thigh high spine boots.

Photography: Julia Chesky Model: Iana Godnia Makeup: Luxirare Styling: Luxirare

I could make off with that gorgeous DOG, The leopard jacket pairs so well with the D-squared boots.