Halloween 2010 Flames and Smoke Aftermath

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MY HAIR TURNED CHARCOAL My sisters and I, decided to visit the Fright Night event at Stockfeld park on Saturday, where lurking in the forest near midnight and staggering into ghouls and beasts fully in character with chainsaws, turned out to be a surreal and exhilarating experience. At times when bumping into the creepy characters, you had to question if they were in fact not real! But the real eye-opener and horrifying experience was when my HAIR SET ON FIRE! I kid you not! on Halloween night, while we were kitted out with Halloween lights and candles and spooky music.

We were aiming to frighten the children, but instead ended up terrifying myself and sister who saw my hair up in flames after the candle on the windowsill caught my hair. My poor sister! I really gave her a fright, the night ended in stupor. The whole incident just happened in a matter of seconds accompanying Mike Myers Halloween theme playing in the background. THAT was the end of that night, we felt we summoned something evil in the house, looking back it was probably just an accident. We were filming silly moments with our masks on the iphone, just as we got really into the spirit. Watching them back now we can laugh, but a tinge of eeriness surrounds it knowing only a few minutes after my hair and side of my face was billowing with flames. I've added some footage below of my sisters clowning around in their masks.

To top it all off, I have my appointment at the hairdressers tomorrow morning, she will not like the state of my hair, I've decided to chop half of the length off now. It's a good job my hair grows quick To see more random photo's continue to clickity...