Hyena Hair

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I'm sharing my recent hair cut with mental preparedness you could say I was reluctant , I had the hair chopped off after I unwittingly

set fire to my hair

~~I never realised hair could be so flammable! the hair was elbow length ~~!! Nevertheless I decided to go for the full bob, then make it shoulder length... And now I name it the Bumble Beee Bob. This is my first phase of colour, I will gradually whiten the colour at my next appointment at the hairdressers. Should I go as far to matching it with my bumble bee coloured socks? *=* I'm kidding I promise!

The feathered cape, is one my favourite accessories but frankly I don't wear it often enough, but it fell off the tall high shelf whilst opening the closet and concluded it was a predetermined course. Half Bird/Half Bumble Bee. Should I have chirp chirped or made the Bzzzzzzz sound?!

The left side of my hair with the natural colour, I kept this side subtle. I'm gonna miss tying my hair in a bun though, but it will grow quick as it usually does.